Our second meeting of the year was also our first using the basement of Worlds Away with a TV set I found a few months ago. In spite of a low turn out and the furnance noise, the meeting was a success.

We watched Ghost Hunt as our one shot.

“Ghost Hunt is based on a book, and having just watched the first episode I have to say it really shows. The pacing is odd, and it feels more like a movie than a normal anime, with a lot of film techniques being used, and more cinamatic characters.”

“Any ways. Ghost Hunt, as the name suggests, is about a psychic researcher called in to check out a haunted school. However, if you’re looking for the latest Demon Hunter story (and god there are a lot of them!) then don’t look here because so far this is actually pretty realistic. More X-files and less Buffy. I have no doubts we’ll see some ghostly action, but in the first episode it’s about character drama, and a few mysteries.”

“My only complaints are that it really tries to cram too many characters in the first episode, and isn’t very good when it tries to be funny. But, when it’s not being funny, it’s a fascinating show and I’ll definitely watch more.”

— Ultra Rob

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