I must admit that the site is a bit over weight these days. Take a look at these stats.

999 html, 299 php. You can see why some parts of the website haven’t changed since the start of the site. With switching to PHP or html enhanced PHP, I’ve manage to save writing 144 html pages by writing the video gallery in PHP for the Fan Expo Masquerade alone.

165 WMVs using 104 megs and 25 AVIs using 35 megs of space. I could save about 140 megs of space and bandwidth by using youtube with these old files. Though alot of these old files are low quality to begin with then made even less with conversion to try and save space. Going back to the original files to re-edit for Youtube will prove to be a challenge.

4640 JPeGs on the system I don’t see that dropping though recompressing them might help. I thought that PNG might save space but this is not the case.

GIFs are nearly the same number as JPeGs at 4047 but only 56 megs. Considering they’re only used for thumbnails it’s no surprise. It’s a dying format due to Compuserve trying to make money by suing everyone. So everyone abandoned the format. Chances are that the new gallery program I’m cinsidering doesn’t use GIF you can see that number drop.

Things won’t change over night or even in a month. It might take over a year to fully convert and rework the site. Of course, by that time, I’ll discover something else and things will change … again.