Not all my photographs and video are of conventions and cosplayers. I take time to go out and shoot whatever as a means of practice with my equipment. One site I’ve found while diving into the deeper side of Youtube and other uses of online video is Passing By[dot]net.

Lessgrey Production has created an interesting application of programming custom player with colaborative work of video. By simply inserting the right tag, your video becomes part of a collective project.

For my part I have gone out (in the cold) and shot footage for Passing By.

For the shoot I picked too locations close together. Since it was subzero weather and slight breeze, being out in the cold was an issue. Not only for my own bodily health but also for the equipment’s health as well. Cold shortens the time a battery is good to run. Not to mention also what effect the cold would have on the electronics and the LCD which could freeze and crack under the cold. To this actual record times outside was to be kept to a minimal time. Keeping the camera inside my coat when not recording.Also I used Memory Stick Pro with my Samsung SC-D353 as oppose to higher quality miniDV tape. The reasoning was the Memory Stick Pro would not be as affected by the cold as would be the tape. The added bonus was that the files could easily be transfered by copying over the files to hardrive via USB for edit as oppose to going through the whole capture process of firewire.The downside was some features like wind cut and DIS, image stabilization isn’t available for memory recording. I had 2 512 meg MSpro cards which gave me 12 minutes of recording each.I also used a hemispheric wide angle lens I got for my camcorder. It would allow for more view of the scenes but it also was a liability because you have to zoom out enough so part of the lens is not in the shot. It was also at risk with the cold.

My locations were Blackfriars Bridge, London Ontario and a park walkway going over a stream. I choosed Blackfriars due to it’s location, lack of traffic, and it’s importance of the bridge of being a rare bowstring iron truss bridge which still has a wooden deck which vechiles pass over every day since 1875.

I made the trip across the bridge 8 times. I took footage looking foreward, right, left and backwards each way to save time since I had to walk back. I ended up walking backwards across the bridge rather than trying to hold it behind me. I used my free hand to try to stablize the camcorder. It wasn’t as bad since it was a narrow walkway with no traffic.

As for the park location, I choosed a stretch of park walkway, I was familar with. With the cold there was very little traffic of pedestrians. I ended choosed two points to start and end my walk. One was a fixed park bench while the end point was a tree that over shadowed the pathway. I thought of marking the snow or using a tree limb on the side but that was no guarantee this bearing would be there later if I choosed to redo the video in the spring or summer.

Walking backwards in this location proved dangerous. Of course, I didn’t have to put up with pedistrians but the path curved in zigzag fasg\hion before and after the bridge. Not a pleasant idea of backing into the creek which as still running.

I ended using up the first memory stick pro and switched to the second one. Seeing the LCD was a challenge in bright light reflected off the snow. In the end, I gave up and hoped for good luck and good footage.

I will post the links to the videos later.