It’s seems like a friend is saying that dead laptops have been finding their way into my home. The first one was a Sharp P150 which had little function since it’s so under powered. The second was Toshiba Satallite Pro 430 with no power, no memory, hard drive about to die, hinges gone, broken keyboard and mouse pad. I didn’t even want to think of what condition the battery was in .. if it even could hold a charge. Sigh.

I finally got tired of tripping over it and just wondering ‘does it work.’ The previous owner didn’t want to put money into it unless it worked. The only way to find out if it works was to put money into it. A catch 22 which ended when I announced that the parts couldn’t be used for other computers and the hard drive making loud banging noises when tested outside the system using a cheater.

It’s Yours. he said. Oh yea.

A month had passed and I didn’t really want to spend the time nor money fixing a doomed project. After failing to find a suitable power supply with friends, I first got a plug for the AC that fit. I tried once more at local surplus place and they had a AC adptor close to specs. The question…. Would several hours of making the AC adaptor work mean the laptop will work.

The answer is YES!

Many things are still wrong about it. The broken key and mouse, the broken hinges which cause the LCD panel to flop suddenly. The hard drive is still dying. I’m tempted to change the drive but haven’t decided on OS.

What is displayed is DSL or DamnSmallLinux which is designed to run on old laptops and only takes up 50 megs of space on CD. I have reinstalled to current version at this time of version 3.2 which is okay it’s a question if I will keep this OS. It’s free. It doesn’t take in all the features of the laptop.

With any luck, I should have it up and running in time for AnimeNorth which will allow me edit and upload pictures nightly each day of the con. A firewire card and special program will allow me to take timelapse video.