I must confess. I’ve been slow with podcasting section of the blog. Considering that I done some bits for Kung Fu Action Theatre. Before that I sent my voice to SUGIMOTO Tomoyuki for one of his podcasts for Modulation. Modulation is podcast of electronic music mixed with natural sounds This site was the main reason I wanted to get into podcasting. Now a message from Sugimoto.


I’m SUGIMOTO Tomoyuki @ Modulation. Now, let me introduce my new album “IPO”. On Feb.14, my new album “IPO” was released on iTunes Music Store and Napster. It includes 4 tunes, which were all originally made for my podcast, in 2005. Through out the last year, I had brushed them up, and finally to be released. If you were interested in it, first I would like you to listen to my latest podcast (Vol.46) or “IPO Preview” on myspace.com, as a sampler of the album.

And you can find it on iTunes Music Store (iTunes required)