Well, I currently trying to get both new-to-me laptops to work. I decided to swap drives and that is giving me grief. The older laptop will go to a friend to use as a terminal. The other I hope to use at cons.

Spammers know no bounds or have no IQ. It’s no wonder since they use scripts to run their racket. You think they learn with the fact that this blog’s comments are moderated. That means most comments are spam and are deleted.

Just recently, a spammer tried to show up in the forums. I think this one is less script kiddie since I locked off his attempts and left a reply that the forums excluded from search engines.

I wonder where these spammers would be if the big search engines started blacklisting their sites so even if they did find their spam, it would ignored. Maybe we all should encourage Google, Yahoo and the rest to do this, it might do more to kill spam in general.

Tonight I got another gallery program to try out. It is LinPHA which is pretty good PHP based gallery system which also uses mySQL to keep track of pictures and thumbnails and allow for searches. It was one that my server Databits.ca recommended. I still have alot of work to see how well this will intergrate with existing cosplay directories.