that is the question.

As with alot of great ideas I’ve had over the years, any project comes down to resources. Namely me doing the work. A production crew of one doesn’t get stuff done easier nor sooner. I have been looking at easier ways of doing things which usually means ‘more work‘. It’s not that I haven’t have offers of help. It means that when I ask for it, it vanishes.

I have been kicking around several ideas with the age of internet video already here. Many wannabe reporters and far too many of these are cliches of each other. Having spent some time as a volunteer at a local Rogers Community Cable, the experience was immeasureable. It was a real eye opener for me how the TV we all watch actually gets to us. Everything is planned to literally split second timing.

With a Vlog or Video bLOG, it seems to much like ‘have webcam, will ramble‘. Not to say there hasn’t been successes, LoneyGirl19 was popular. Well popular until people realised it was staged or could I say well produced? Actually thinking and planning what you’re going to say really acting. In a way, yes. Still it caught everyone’s eye since it more polished than the poorly lit, off centered Vlogs that were out there.

Still do we need just another geek in front of a camera?

If I would to do a Vlog it would include segments peiced together as a whole presentation. While Youtube and their kin are content, it is a fractured content. Much unlike the organized TV we watch … or use to watch.