As posted in Another Anime Film Day – April 21, I attended this. Though attendance could have been better some showed in costume. I was impressed with Millenium Actress which I do recommend as a must see. There was problems with the DVD player for the first movie which was corrected by replacing the unit. I manage to help out while Doug, the gentleman running the show took a break.

I also got interviewed by Fanshawe reporter about anime and the medium over the years. She was under the impression that ‘anime’ was a new thing with only the young. I pointed out that alot of the parents of these kids grew up on Astroboy, Sailormoon, Speed Racer and the like. If anything, the kids today are the second generation in love with anime considering how some shows appeal to the very young, maybe the third.

If anything, we in North Amercia have crippled animation and comics (manga) into believing it’s just a media for children. It interesting that the kids are more and more attracted by the shows which are more mature than their North Amercian counterparts.

There is another anime film day planned for July.