The continuing saga of the New to me laptop…

Well the laptop memory leaves something to desire being only 64 megs onboard. Yet the system idling needs 108 megs. It is slow is a mild understatement with all the cache reads and writes.

Finding memory for this old laptop has proven a challenge even checking the Toronto stores websites. Forget about London, I checked.

For those of us who piece together our own computers, we have tons of parts left over from upgrades and obsolete machines. I’ve used my own stock of used parts to repair and upgrade many people’s systems.

Including putting together a computer for handicap person on welfare so her kids could have something. Another friend donated the base unit. I replaced most of the drives since he was a smoker.

I also was able to find computers on the curb and use parts from it to fit a couple of computers including a friend who’s power supply died and he needed to send a resume out that night.

I would never think that it can go both ways. This Sunday’s memeting, Heekun brought 3 laptop memory DIMMS. Out of the three, only 128m PC100 memory would work. At least it’s out of the drive cache just to idle with some memory to spare.

One downside I found that the drive is NOT a burner but will read only a CDRW. 😦

At least with the DVD and extra memory, video playback for makeup meetings will be better.

Once again THANKS Heekun.