With all the talk of WEB 2.0, it is about time that Anime London’s website join the revolution. Well, almost …

Going to web 2.0 hasn’t been easy. In fact, it’s been alot of work. Alot more work than I thought possible. The new review section still isn’t ready for public release in spite of two months works with 2 weeks of that in a state of crash. Before when an error was made on one page, it didn’t necessay mess up others. Not the case with CMS (Content Management Systems). Any flaw is nearer impossible to fix to it’s complexity. Other than hope for the new revision to fix it, maybe without adding more bugs.

Another problem is each CMS is it’s own deadend. You can’t easily navigate between sections uniformly without some serious adjusting the CMS which leaves mistakes like above mentioned plausible.

One major problem it leaves the site open to spammers. I’ve pretty well turned off comments but keep it in moderation. Which means I have to read the first post first before anyone can see it. Once approved a person can comment away. With over 100 spam comments left by RRS feed bots, it’s getting pretty tiring. The forum hasn’t been hit like other forums. I dread what the new review section will bring.

Still CMS gallery has improved posting times for con pics. Well almost. Trying to edit and upload pictures quickly lead to some patchy jobs on editing the pictures. Video is another challenge which has been falling behind due to personal life getting in the way.

Still we’ll are targeting for Anime North this year as release for new review section so you all have something to pour over while I get my act together on the con reports and galleries. With more and more of our members being at Anime North, maybe we can have more and more pictures.

With new Anime London 2.0, it also means that more and more of those who follow this site can participate in it’s makeup.