The countdown to Anime North continues as I went out and purchased another SD flash card and box of miniDV tapes. I have 4 blanks but with a friend’s wedding a week after Anime North and myself doing video taping of the event; I doubt if 4 is enough.

With that, I found my hard drive full of stuff. With each miniDV tape taking up 13 gigs of hard drive space, I don’t think 9 gigs of free space will suffice. I’m in a major backup mode at this moment. I’m varifying by copying the files on DVDr onto another drive after burning then doing a thumbnail view. I don’t have time to go through every file.

The pages for Anime North have been done prior to March and I will review them before the con to see if all is well. Hopefully the thumbnailing for the gallery will work this time without having to manually do them as the case for Spring (March) Toronto Anime Con.

I’ve yet to print up this year’s cards for convention season. This year’s will have the new 2.0 sections of the site but then I haven’t even update the fornt page for the site. I’m just getting slower or is it taking on too much? TIme will tell.