It’s the night before Anime North… again. ome morning I will be headed there. I’ve charged all my batteries for my various devices including a laptop. With this I hope to be more connected than ever before. Better than I feel as I try to remember everything yet pack light.

It will be a time where I get to meet people I only see at cons like these. It will be busy as I try to juggle picture taking and video.  One Japanese TV show has asked me if they could use my footage of Yatta skits to show the influence of Yatta on North American culture. To that, I will be asking people’s oppinion on this Japanese skit and sending the footage.

I will also be doing limited video to save batteries. I will be asking ‘Tell me about your costume‘ as a possible segment for Youtube. With taping a friend’s wedding just a week after Anime North, I’m going to be busy, busy, busy.  As if I needed my life any more busy.

See ya at Anime North.