Well one week has passed since Anime North 2007. The preliminary reports have been up since I returned since I wrote those in my room but had not internet connection to upload them. The picture gallery is working this time with thumbnails being generated by the gallery program. It can be found here. So what’s the delay for the rest?

What is the delay was my friend’s wedding. Actually the past president’s wedding to be exact. I was taking video and was madly processing the tapes so his bride’s family could take copies back home. Considering I was spending to 5:30 in the morning trying to transfer tapes to a data DVD backup, I’m wiped.

Bright side it was wonderful weather for the wedding.

Now it’s onto making my own backups of the video already processed so I can free up space for more video. All I can say it will take time to go through four full tapes from Anime North.

Please stand by…