Sunday July 8th – Stan C. Reade invites cosplayers to their Photo Day. I’ve been going to this for years and bragging about cosplay and showing off my picture galleries.

Now the staff of Stan C. Reade are inviting cosplayers to show up. The difference from regular cosplay photoshoots is the fact this is already an extablished event in it’s 17th year.

The Elsie Perrin Williams is also a cool photo location with Spanish deco home and plenty of greenry and locations through out the estate. Too add to the decor, model cars and bikes are on display.

There is also booths with representives from the major camera manufacturers, Fuji, Canon, Pentax, Lexar, Sandisk, just to name a few. You also try out equipment or ask questions.

Plenty of prizes like camera bags and cool swag. Bring your camera gear as they play ‘the first person to show me a particular camera or camera accessory…’ gets a prize. The location is ideal for photoshoot and they already bring in models from the local modelling school.

Check for map and details. As for the past 16 years, this event is FREE admission.

There is also a photo contest so dust off those old convention pics. You might win something.