I joined a carpool of Nerds on Site cars to Toronto. I hadn’t been to an I.T. event in years. It was the usual RA RA event. I was impressed with the LARGE screen. I manage to snag a Tshirt for a friend which they were pitching out to the crowd. It proved to be the only excitement for the morning. Most were dozing by the time they reached the third speaker.

Not as much swag as I expected but I was use to the old Condex events where there was hundreds of vendors handing out stuff. The usual free pens, (I got one with LED light on the end.) , notepads, stressballs. I got a velcro cable tie, usual demo CDs, bag full of propoganda. Most of which I was collecting for a friend who didn’t go.

Lunch at the MTCC was okay but even with sauce they provided was dry for my roast beef wrap.

Since I had signed up for a spaces.live account I wanted to talk to staff about some ideas for changes and some fixes to editor for blog section which screwed up but they weren’t at their booth until much, much later. I didn’t get to ask anything but I got the only good swag, a 256M USB flash keychain.

None of the server and security stuff turned my crank. As it was was I was interested in what way I could make this site more presentable. I decided to head to game work shop first figuring I sneak out to the other lecture that best fit what I thought was okay.

I ended staying the rest of the afternoon in the game workshop.

XNA editor I must admit isn’t the most user friendly interface and I had troubles following with the demos which were rushed. Code, code, code. The fun part came with prize draw dance offs. Ya, dance offs. If you coount trying to play a hack version of asteriods on a DDR pad a dance off. Most of the guys picked couldn’t dance and or follow what was going on the screen.

The final face off was Paper, Scissor, Rock. I manage to break long enough for washroom and snag the aboive mentioned USB to return and snag a copy of Super Mario Bros. theme for BKG for AN video from a user.

Mind you the ability to create a game for XBox does intrigue me but I have more than enough on my plate in real life.

I manage to meet up with the rest and head back to London in a Nerdmobile. I saw little of Toronto outside of MTCC and the parking garage. Being South Hall, I didn’t even get to see my favourite greasey spot, Bozo’s hotdog van.

SO what does this have to do with anime? Well other than gaming is much a part of anime as Pocky, I manage to make contacts using the Anime London moniker. It’s hard to believe that anime can be of any worth outisde an anime event. At least those who were young enough related. Stephen Charlton who was the driver from Nerds on Site related to the photography part of what I do. I can see the guys from Microsoft running an games design workshop at either Anime North or Fan Expo. I did wish to talk to Windows Live booth if they had actually decided to show earlier on how the editor I’m now using here screws up whenever I add pictures.

Thanks to Tim Hodges of CIPS and Stephen Charlton and the rest of the Nerds on Site gang for providing the transportation. Without I think I wouldn’t have bothered to attend.