Along with the AnimeLondon 2.0 project is trying to make a way that all the various content links together. One goal was to intergrate the CMS (Content Management System) software into the rest of the website. Not an easy task since each piece of CMS wheither it’s wiki, forum or even this blog have their own way of doing things. It is frustrating when one part becomes a dead end for users unless they are willing to backtrack alot.

At least for the forums, that has ended.

forumZ banner

I manage to figure out phpBB templates enough to change the top header to fit into the general menu sysem. I decided to make our posters avatars as part of the banner as a hall of fame, sort of speak. However the menu has to hard coded into the phpBB header so if the menu is changed so must this banner.

We’re trying to make browser friendly vesion for PSP, DS Lite, cell phones and handhelds like Blackberry. As number of main pages grow, I have at least encoded onefile which has the meeting info which each first page can access. At least it saves me enocding 5 to 6 pages every couple of weeks.

As mentioned above, we are working on PSP and DS versions of the websites with selected cosplay galleries. I’m working on multiversions for the forum at this moment. I am playtesting as modified version for PSP and handhelds. A mobile version is installed though it is only for testing. Things learned from these conversion will be going to a special proejct I hope to get started sometime this year.

Anime London 2.0 … Standing By.