As I reported last year in ‘Anime …It’s Everywhere‘ Last year’s Imadon event, Impression in Chalk had only one artist doing anime theme.  This year, there are three if you count one of them doing a tribute to Asian cinema.  If that wasn’t enough, I decide to give street painting a try.

Unfortunely I started way late and stuck to a much smaller section of pavement in the church’s parking lot. I dived right in without any pointers… bad mistake.  Most had predraw sketches squared off with lines, I had some art  resource books and vague idea what I wanted to draw. Another mistake was the location was a mess. The snow plow had left some deep notches in the parking lot an I didn’t sweep before starting.

Another fine mess I found myself in was no tools other than two pads to sit on the asphalt with.  Rachel Gebaver from last year’s event lent some stuff.  I tend to work at a fast pace drawing but not very good when it comes to quality. I manage in less than 3 hours get a generally most of the chalk painting done.
Still I manage to somehow to gain at least one vote in the public voting. Huh?

I will be back at it tommorrow but since I work Monday, I will have to finish it up. I’ll have pictures of my mess as well as other’s work for the weekend.  This event is one thing I can see working for Anime North though.

The pictures will be up as well once again I’ll be making a copy for organizers as well for their website.