I seem to get ahead I get further behind. In this case with spammers. Comment spam on the blog seems to be under control but the forum has picked up a nuisance. Well, maybe an amuzement. The spammer, a live person, has been trying to spam the forums in time for Fan Expo. Dumb considering that the forums aren’t scanned by search engines so posting spam sites is useless.

Top it off, I’ve managed to delete this spammer I call MATT since some of his sigs are ‘Powered by Matt’.  Not only that but he puts URLs in the AIM, MSN, Yahoo messenger section of this profile. Only the ICQ which is interger and not alphanumeric.

You think he learn but I am gaining a list of his activities as well tracking down the servers to the sites he spams for including who hosts and where they get their feed from.

All I find amusing since I’ve turned off viewing memebrship list and profiles to non members and sarch engines. Well, they weren’t being scanned again anyway.

The stupid part is several members of our forum are moderators which in turn shutdown spammers on forums with far more traffic than ours.

A nuisance but all this work helps keep our viewers safe from morons like this.