It has been a busy week but with a ride to Yorkdale mall on Friday I manage to save some cash in going to Fan Ex in spite of the fact I had no place to stay. I was surprised at the lack of a line up this year. largely due to the prenimum pass users getting in at 2PM as oppose to the delays of last year. It was equally surprising that other people with camcorders were were doing the same ‘Walk to the End of the Line‘ as I did last year. Not only that they were surprise that I was one who originated it.

Hmmm … now I got to figure out something new to do. Maybe walk to south hall instead.

The real fun was Intel booth in the gaming section which had a large green screen (or as it more known as bluescreen) where people could move around and they edited the green screen footage into a short commercial where all your moves are played at the same time. The fun part was they put it on a FREE 256 meg USB drive which I got to keep.

As with Anime North, I had even less cash to do a 4 koma and collected artist’s biz cards to post in place of 4 komas. This is much how Japanese Comiket program books are. Pages of artist’s biz cards so you can look up your fav artist’s website afterward.

Plus also I was pluggin not one but two podcast sites, UltraRob’s Kungfu Action Theatre as well a to be released Role Playing 101, a podcast all about gaming. (Still under construction at this post.) I will be lending my microphone to RP101 until theirs comes in.

As for Anime London’s long lost podcast, it might be resurrected as possibly a stage play.

It’s nearly 3am as I caught the late bus back and recharging my batteries for the next day and the Masquerade.  Hope to catch you at Fan Expo this year.