How was it? Funny since I waasn’t there.

Actually I woke up at home past noon on Sunday. Not that I was planning another long bus ride to Toronto. Just I didn’t have the extra funds at this time to go. It would be the first time I missed a full con in a long time.

I do like to thank all the kind fans I met at Fan Ex this year. It was the second time for the show to be in the South Hall. Other than the collapse of the masquerade line into chaos, the show was okay if not a little noisy with not one but two major game tournaments at the same time.

As with Anime North, there was no 4 Koma this year. Instead I collect tons of biz cards from artists to post into a special page in the 4 Koma section.

I will try to get the photos up as quickly as possible. I keep saying that but even today was a wash as one friend’s computer crashed.
I dropped off my podcasting microphone to a friend who is starting his own podcast on gaming, Role Playing 101. Since I spoke last about his podcast, he has drastically working on setting up the site along with the trial podcast, that he did with his old microphone and former co-host. He is currently looking for a new co-host.

Video will always be the stickler since it takes up so much time and drive space and Fan Expo is no exceptions. Unfortunely work takes priority.

I have mentioned to many at Fan Ex that the spammer has been plaguing our forums. In spite of his efforts, we have gained many new members in the forum. I hope that those who join enjoy the atmosphere of the forum which we’re trying to make into a club in itself. Many delays have been to fixes holes in CMS security as well as tracking our resident weasel. I will be keeping a close eye on activity on the site.

Once again, sorry about not being there Sunday and hope to see you all again at the next convention.