We have restarted the Virtual Anime Club. This forum is now private as oppose to just members. This is largely due to spam activity.

Other changes, gone is the series we were watching on Youtube. My experience is that most ran out and were removed by the time we got anywhere in the middle. It will be simple one shots.

Gone also will be the polls for each post. Instead members will be asked to fill in their thoughts in the review wiki. There is also a discussion page in the wiki. For those who already have accounts in the review wiki, this is natural. For those who do not, you have to apply. You’ll have to join the forums and repsond to the SIGNUP post in Virtual Announcements that you want access. If you have posted in the forums before then you have access.

However, review wiki accounts are now created by sysops and will use your forum name along with your email so you can receive your validation and password. Unfortunely our spammer also tried to hit the wiki so to protect readers of the wiki, things have to be done this way until better steps are in place.

We’re still working on tracking our spammer and he has left tracks. As well as other steps have and will be taken to keep them out. I’m keeping a tight reign on the attempts as well as the owner of the server is aware. I think anime fans are far brighter than most people and such spam attempts are laughable but even we are not completely invunerable. I was impressed by the amount of support I got from fans when I warned them about the spam attempts so they be causious. In fact, we had a sharp influx of new users to the forum.

My apologies if I have deleted anyone by accident. I am watching the reject authorizations coming back as a guide. Spammers are lazy and follow patterns.

We hope that you can join the new Virtual Anime Club.