…then you’re not using a filtered workstation.

I spent today at the London Public Library – Central branch in meetings over the library’s decision to filter more workstations in the London Public Library system from the Children and Teen area to the adult workstations.

I went because in the past and just recently parts of this website and others were filtered by their system.

It was about over a year when I was checking on changes I made to the website and how it looks on other terminals that I had to use a workstation that was filtered. Everything checked out but any directory that had masq as the directory name was blocked. Masq was short for masquerade which content didn’t differ any from the other galleries which were day01 to day03. I complained that it was silly that such a distinction was made on such narrow field.

Recently I checked out Heekun’s own site http://www.secretasianman.tv/photos to find that when I tried to return to index for photos, it was blocked though I had originally enter at that link.

For those people who create content, I felt the need to speak on their behalf how filtering software as good as it is can wrongly filter a site for erratic or illogical reasons.

I made note of an old supervisor who and install such software to block his grandson from porno sites only to be block himself from the British passport website. I also spoke that some web blocking companies had political motives for blocking certain websites.

While filtering software does block undesired and abusive sites, it also blinds us into a false sense of security by blinding us from taking action against such sites such as reporting them to autohorities.

I had offered up the idea of users flagging sites like Youtube did before the Google takeover. The users become the content managers. The software doesn’t even cover hijackers which can even disable web filtering software or steal personal information and passwords.

For the most part the panel was largely computer illiterate which some of what I had to say went over their heads.

A large part of the problems with internet terminals didn’t have to do with software nor websites but particular patrons behavior which were offensive, internet access or not.

Even the police officer who spoke was more keen on blocking everything including social websites than than dealing with the real problems of those who use the internet for criminal activities like Identity Thief.

Is it any wonder that the 8th biggest spammer in the world who lives in St Thomas remains unfettered in his activities with mentality like this?

Filtering leaves a false sense that all in the world is okay as long as I can’t see it. It’s like the Ostrich with his head inbetween the railroad ties with an oncoming train. Filtering does keep the parents off the backs of the library but it makes the world no less safer, nor liget sites like Heekun’s or our own any more viewable. It doesn’t leave me any closer to know why or what content or picture or link some program finds offensive.

It does leave me tired of the bias against sites that focus on anime, manga, cosplay, whatever. That is, if you can read this….