While at the Podcast meet at Molly Blooms Wednesday, one of the guys, Deys had both a Blackberry and a iPod Touch. I had programmed a start screen for iPhone so I was quite interested in how the website and the new menu for PDAs looked like on small screen.

The iTouch (as I call it) was amazing. It took a bit to get use to zooming in and out on pages (pinching the screen) but most of my thoughts that I have to reformat everything was false. The keyboard on screen took some getting use to since the onscreen buttons even for my small fingers were difficult. I tried to write a reply on it but when I pressed submit, the browser exited. Everything I typed was lost and I even had to log back in.

The big downside with the iPhone/iTouch is NO Flash Player so Heekun’s website which is Flash menu doesn’t even show up at all. The other amazing thing was the screen changing from portait (vertical) to landscape(horizontal) by simply holding it that way.

Deys did mention that Video.ca supports iPhone video as well as PSP video formats.

On the Blackberry which was 240 pixel width, the menu buttons were visable but not the girl on the right. Okay by me since that was the purpose to keep things on the left. Still I believe that iPhone will change webdesign or at least put wireless web into the forefront of technologies. Apple didn’t invent it but bt forcing wireless web via phone to be more accessable will change things,

Still the iPod Touch is amazing even if it is a little quirky.