Even though it cost me, This year’s December TAC was well worth the trip.

Even though this year was a pay event, the crowds were larger than previous years … even when DTAC was free. Also everyone was so in tune with each other as in everyone had a great time and everyone was quite happy to see not only myself but Savage Bandito. I spent some time educating the public on the con. Including staff of MTCC and even a mother who passed by and was blocks away when I met her.

Mark and the Dragon Mango gang were there for this con as well as a couple of other artists in the dealer’s room. Other dealers were happy with the crowd.

Also Pedro did his radio show for CBC at the con which I felt was a real boost for the fans.

The only problem I had was with the camcorder’s display acting up which has given me some concern. Other than that, I would like to thank everyone and Hobbystar for a wonderful con.