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Big screen in your pocket?

One of the things that I always wanted with the club is a decent screen to show anime. Dragging a large plasma, or LCD/LED panel screen is not much an option. LCD projectors are not only expensive but the replacement bulbs are about the price of the projector itself. Not to mention the chance the LCD panels cracking ’cause we have to leave before it has cool down properly.

That is until now.

Microvision Pico with video iPod

Microvision Pico with video iPod

It’s laser technology and cool. 5 foot screen is possible. Heck, there is TV remotes larger than this sucker. I could hold an anime meeting anywhere with this device. Of course, first off may not be best but it’s better than anything I’ve seen so far. With the projected price new around $200-300, all I have to say is I WANT ONE!

The bad news is that they’re not available until Falll 2008.

LINKS: PC Mag article, Company Website, Youtube clip of prototype.


For me this year has been a dog even though it was the year of the pig. I was glad to see it go. Though the year had to get in it’s final tick on me. Heading from a local mall last Sunday of the year, I slipped on some ice and fell on my back. Not to terrible if it wasn’t for the stainless steel coffee mug I had in my backpack. The short of it was I was lucky and only fractured a lower rib and missed damaging my spine. Still it has been painful New Year.

Lucky for me that friends locally came over with food, prayer and much needed milk. With the rib, it was using up calcium like crazy and was screaming in pain. After drinking practically a litre a day so far, alot of the pain has subsided to the point I can get away with regular strength pain killers for most of the day. It’s still fractured but healing. Needless getting out of bed in the morning after pain killers worn off is pure hell.

I still manage to make use of my time by fixing a computer for a friend. It’s taken longer than expected as I rest alot between sessions on the computer.

I’m doing better than expected for what has happen. Talking to others, the ice this year is deadly with the constant freeze thaws and many reported slipping. Please be careful.

Still I’m optimistic this year since it’s the year of the Rat (my sign) but one thing is certain, last year was a boar(bore).