One of the things that I always wanted with the club is a decent screen to show anime. Dragging a large plasma, or LCD/LED panel screen is not much an option. LCD projectors are not only expensive but the replacement bulbs are about the price of the projector itself. Not to mention the chance the LCD panels cracking ’cause we have to leave before it has cool down properly.

That is until now.

Microvision Pico with video iPod

Microvision Pico with video iPod

It’s laser technology and cool. 5 foot screen is possible. Heck, there is TV remotes larger than this sucker. I could hold an anime meeting anywhere with this device. Of course, first off may not be best but it’s better than anything I’ve seen so far. With the projected price new around $200-300, all I have to say is I WANT ONE!

The bad news is that they’re not available until Falll 2008.

LINKS: PC Mag article, Company Website, Youtube clip of prototype.