On New Years Eve, we had a record of 12 users online… all the same person using PlanetLab workstations from various universities across the US. Needless after sending letters of complaints to the admins of these labs has put our forum in the eye of a growing storm of attacks of CMS forums and systems.

After talking with a reporter who deals alot with growing attempts on Facebook and other social popular websites that spammers and hackers are now targeting websites that attract youths and teens. Most of which use their parents computers to access the web. Even if they have their own computer, they’re still connected to their parents computers on the same network.

It is always been our policy of zero-tolerance of spam. Not just satisfy with just deleting but actively logging and tracking attempts. However, not everyone do due lack of legal options to stop spammers.

Even today, a single guest from Brazil, [201-43-17-235.dsl.telesp.net.br], had over 60 connections. Needless this boy from Brazil got his IP banned and added to the PlanetLab investigation across the border. I do ask others to ban this IP on their forums.

We will continue to monitor this situation closely and keep you posted.