Free Comic Book Day was comic May 3rd and I was right there would be a lineup at Neo Tokyo. Owner-san did not disappoint his faithful legions with a stack of manga in especially imported for the day.

As Zelman posted in our forums, Lelouch commands you….

Lelouch command you...

It was a good day in spite of the weather. I ended with Volumes 1 and 2 of Neotopia tradebacks by Antarctic Press; Pretty Maniacs volume 1 and Toro Koro volume 1. The last was ideal since I manage to get Volume 2 of Toro Koro last FCBD. Sadly Toro Koro is out of print so getting the first volume was a treat. You can still find it someplaces.

Manga I got at neo Tokyo

Overall, it was great to meet other anime clubs and share things. Unfrotunely, it is the only time that clubs have a chance to meet up in London, Ontario. Hopefully Neo Tokyo can be a hub for furture meetups. Of course, there is a coffe shop opening next door to Neo Tokyo so maybe we can pull a maid cafe sometime.