For years, I’ve been taking pictures and videos of Anime North and posting them on the website. Unfortunately this year, I will not be attending Anime North this year due to circumstances that were beyond my control.

I will miss alot of the people and friends I’ve grown to know over the years. Part of what makes Anime North so worth the trip is those friends who I only see at AN. Hopefully, I will be in full swing for Fan Ex but I will really miss Anime North this year. It will leave more than just a gap in the con reports for me.

Still … a few of our club members will be at AN though not taking pictures or videos for Anime London. Please watch for Heekun’s gallery of photos at for photos.  Also a friend, Risu-chan, in the artist will be collecting biz cards for me to post.  Even though I can’t be there, I’ll still will support the Artist Alley.  “Sell lots, gang”, and to those out there, “Please support the starving artists” and at least spend a few dollars on something made, not manufactured.

I guess I should also apologize for not getting last year’s videos up. However, it seems that everyone has caught on that it’s better to use a camcorder than a digital camera.

Gomen and have a good time folks.  Wish I was there.