My ride to Fan Expo ran late and I spent long time in lineup for a pass. (Though the 4 dollar off coupon from Fan Expo helped alot.) I managed to connect with alot of people I missed at Anime North and folks at Akui: Ill-Intent booth kept me in choclates.

I managed to get a good spot for the masquerade but I’ve yet to go through the video.

This year, I was also promoting Kung Fu Action Theatre which was part of over 270 cards I handed out during the day. I was also plugging the new page, MIMI which will eventually replace out current front page.  I didn’t get to mention alot of other projects currently on the go like Shout!TV but you can catch details of it along with other projects in our forums.

Also a tip to the hat to dotCON folks I met at the defunked video room location.