Mimi - The Future of webpages

So when is a webpage not a webpage? When it is a webtop or a page that is more desktop than webpage. With our content spread over hundreds of pages and locked away in CMS like review wiki, forums and of course, this blog, it can be hard to see it all. That is until now.

Using tools like from Widgetbox, highslide and some CSS from CSSplay. we created our dream page where content is as accessable as your own computer. Click on icons, open windows that you can move around, scroll through and close. Just like a desktop.

We will be adding more to this page as we go along. Stuff like being able to flip through our photos, read latest news and even add a few games. Not to mention the ability to customize the page with your own wallpaper and layout.

In time, mimi will be our new front page. Until then, give her a whirl.