Group of DeathNote fans at Silvercity

There is something to be said watch a Japanese live action theatrical release in an actual theatre. AWESOME. It’s not that the fact, I haven’t been to a theatre but seeing a show as a group with people reacting collectively to an event simutaneous is how anime and this case, live action DeathNote should be watched. There is no feeling of watching a theatrical release on a small screen or even home theatre.

Aside from technical difficulties the experience was great. Still the manager quickly offered the crowd free passes without even anyone complaining about it. The only real shock was it was DVD and not the real film though it wasn’t until the technical difficulties, I would have never know that the quality of DVD and video projection had got this good.

As for the movie itself, it glanced over the main points of first half of DeathNote story, sticking to key events and characters within the story and ending at a key pivotal point as L and Light meet face to face. The trailer for the second movie frames the second half of DeathNote well.

I did make some friends at this event even though staying for the extras at the end meant missing the last bus. I did manage to get a couple of photos at this event and will post them tomorrow.

UPDATE: Gallery photos

I look forward to next movie, Bleach Memories of Nobody which will be October 20th at Silver City. Hope to see you there.