Anime London's Un-tree

Our annual end of the year Christmas party is December 14th starting 12 noon at Worlds Away, 666 Dundas Street. Sadly the same day as the December Toronto Anime Con. Unfortunely I can’t make it if I wanted to and switching dates wasn’t possible.

In keeping with our tradition, we’ll be watching nothing but new shows. It is also the time we hand out our new membership cards for good to the end of next year. Also we’re asking people to bring treats cookies whatever. (I’m bringing hot chocolate and marshmallows.) I will also bring a ghettoblaster to play music.

In not keeping with the past, we’ll be having a swap meet. For a chance to unload some of those things (prefereably anime, manga and other otaku things) you wonder what the … you bought them for. All trades, swaps are conditional between those swapping. I have a couple of manga and wall scroll left over from past Christmas meetings to trade, swap, whatever.
We will also have an UN-tree, an unconventional Christmas tree. I had rescued this twig thing from being tossed into the fire. People are welcomed to bring their own recycled decorations for our UN-tree.

Hope to see you there.