Looking back, 2008 was a disasterous year, a fortunate year … depending how you want to look at it.

For me, it started off on wrong foot or both feet slipping on ice and cracking 4 ribs. With other issues, I missed Anime North completely. I managed to only get to March Anime Con and one day at Fan Expo.

On the other hand, London finally got not one but three anime movies that were in theatre which brought the anime groups together.

The website went though some sorry needed updates. The review wiki is getting hits from searches which make all the work put into it worth it. Some things didn’t pan out but there is still more projects that are worth it. Time will tell.

Looking ahead, one of the projects. we’re working with local store, Neo Tokyo, to bring our manga section up to snuff by listing of some of the manga titles on our site. In no way is this an inventory of manga but it will allow people a chance to write reviews based on what’s available for sale locally. The listing maybe complete but researching and filling the pages for each title will take months. Still only spending an hour here and there, I got 35 manga titles pages already. Only 651 left to go.

You can check the progress at Neo Tokyo Manga List page.