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First View – Munto TV

Munto TV

Munto TV review

While the rest of the world was at Toronto Anime Con, I was back home in London running our regular meeting. We watched another remake of a classic, Sora o Miageru Shoujo no Hitomi ni Utsuru Sekai or Munto TV.


Photos have been weeded through, processed and uploaded to the site.  ENJOY!

JUST back from the con

I just got back from the March Toronto Anime Con and I must say it was good time.
I manage to meet up with JediMaster at the bus terminal and we sat together for the trip down (and back).

It was good to meet people again. I talked to several store at the show and signed up one store and had a couple others interested in the Manga List project. The more stores that are on each page of each manga help raise the search rating for that book. It will be alot easier considering that a majority of the manga titles are already online.

Cosplay Idol was short this year … total about 45 minutes from start to finish. There was a complete cast of Kuroshitsuji doing a skit. The fans girls screamed as the cosplayer playing Sabastian took to the stage.

I grabbed a coffee at Timmy’s and made it to the terminal for the 8:30 bus back. I got lots of pictures and videos.

All in all not a bad con. I wished I got more accomplished. Too bad I not able to do Sunday.

A reminder for con goers to tag their Flickr photos with the tag, m-tac09 to be seen on the flickr page.

March Toronto Anime Con 2009

I’m hopefully will be in Toronto tomorrow to take pictures at the Toronto Anime Con, Saturday.

I will also running page with Tweets from Twitter as well as flickr.  Hope to see a lot friends at the con.

See ya.

Kurokami aka Black God

Kurokami / Black God review

An interesting dark premise as blooding as it is interesting. Our members had a look at the first episode of this show.

We’ve joined Twitter for the main reason that we will be using twitter during the upcoming cons. The first con will be March Toronto Anime Con.  For those who are on Twitter can post comments about the con using the tag, #mtac09.
So you can follow the progress as I work on the website and such at Twitter / AnimeLondon.