“The economy of one…
…affects the economy of many.”

This is one post I have put off many times writing but given these economic times, times are tough for everyone. For me, it has been a tough past year even without the current woes. Still it made me think about how much ‘my’ economy (or lack thereof) affected everyone else. I spend far less money at cons. Lately I’ve spent less time at cons due to lack of funds to stay for more than one day or not go at all. That is not all…

I suffered not from getting my cosplay fix or anime fix or whatever hot guest was there and I wasn’t. I suffered from losing contact with friends who I only get to see once a year because of these ‘events’ brought us together. Some, artists, I would support through challenges or buying something they made. Others like cosplayers who I’ve photographed in the past and were proud to show off their new creations.

My ‘lack of ‘ economy affected their economy. Only slightly but still it was an effect. Compound the effect of every kid’s economy who comes to these cons. These kids economy affected by their parent’s economy. And if the parent’s economy sucks … guess what going to suck worse.

This AnimeNorth (2009), I will be there in limited effect, both economic and coverage. After last year’s no show due to medical reasons which I won’t share here, it will be great to be back at AN. Just a bummer that it won’t be like past years where I could afford going 3 days. Even if I can’t spend a lot or even a little, I hope everyone can help the economy of someone else this year.

BTW, if you use Twitter use the hashtag #an09 and use the tag an09 for flikr, photbucket, youtube. I’m working on pages which will show content on this website using those tags.

Hope to see some of you in couple of days.