Only one word can sum up AnimeNorth 2009 … Unbelieveable!

I shot as much pictures in one day as I have, in past, for an entire weekend of AnimeNorth. I could have shot more if only I had more memory cards for my camera. Wall to wall cosplayers.  Even a Japanese friend who visited here and now residing in Toronto was impressed with cosplayers at AnimeNorth.  He was even impressed with cosplay wrestling. Hard to believe that Canadians could out do Japan but we did.

AN also proved me wrong about the recession or simply it didn’t exist there.  Artist friends were reporting good sales.  When you have to get more stock because you sold out is good in any books.

I also went around the artist alley and collected cards to display on the website.  I had mixed response from retailers to the Manga List Project.

I manage to tape the masquerade this year.

I left for Toronto 3am Saturday and returned 3am Sunday. In 24 hours, I accomplished more than I usually do in a weekend. Everyone who knew me was overly supportive … but for now, I crash.