I’ve started collecting biz cards from artists within artists alley since a friend from Japan sent me an example of the program book for a dojin con.  The interesting thing, that was most different from any convention booklet here in North America, was that each artist had a business size ad in the booklet.

So to this end, I’m slowly scanning over 200 business cards, postcards and stickers collected during Fan Expo 2009. Slowly because I have to add url to picture descriptions to gallery posting then edit the XML for the slideshow on artists page.

You can select different galleries (Cards, Postcards or Stickers) in the top left corner of the slideshow window. Or you can go through the tumbnails of current gallery by clicking the tab along the top right. Clicking on the image will lead you to each artist’s website.

Keep checking back as I will be adding more artists cards daily. So check out Fan Expo 2009 Artists Alley page right now!