Quick Response Code for Anime London

QR Code for Anime London

I was at an Microsoft IT event for Windows 7 today. Even got a legit copy of Windows 7 Ultimate for free among other stuff.  While it is an IT (Information Technology) event, I not ashame of being also being webmaster of Anime London. I wore a badge with a QR code (Quick Response Code) explaining who I was and what the website was about.  The above scan code can be read by cellphones and webcams and direct people in this case, to the front page of the website. Japanese websites use this code. They also appear on posters for events, etc.  It’s an open format but not well known here in North America.  Still I’m willing to try new technologies.

One of presenters at the event were impressed by the scan code.  I’ve even stuck some of the QR codes to the back of my cards. I’m also planning to use them in next year’s cards that I always hand out.  These codes are also used in ARG, Augment Reality Games, and might consider running my own ARG next year.

If you want to find a QR code generator, you can find one at Kaywa site,