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First View – Working!!


Working!! review

With th start of Spring and the Spring season, we started with a show about economic turn around in the show, Working!!

Working!! is based on 4 koma (4 panel) comic strip of the same name so the show tends to be broken up into parts. However if you like shows like K-ON! and Azumanga Daioh! you might find this anime of a not-so friendly family restaurant your cup of tea. See what our members said.


March club meetings

We had an old member, Glen, show up for our meeting today.  It was good to have Glen once again,  He was the voice way back when all we had nothing more but raw tapes and the scripts.  We’ll be also at Central Library Monday night.  Until then, we’ll not be posting our review.

I didn’t get a chance to go through the video from Toronto Anime Con.  I did work on some graphics for the new design for cosplay section.

I did manage to get done the pages for upcoming Spring season of new shows as well as the related manga.  I will be posting links to both on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

So I plan to keep blog fresh with a new look …. more in keeping with the rest of the website. Stay tuned for more changes.

We’ve added the cards from artists that were included in the dealer’s room at March Toronto Anime Con. What is left is con report and remake of the web pages to the new design as well as going through 2 hours of video of sessions with the voice actors. So keep an eye out more more content being available in the weeks ahead.

MTAC 2010 gallery is up

The picture gallery is up. Had a good time and friends treated me to Kitsune Udon at Manpuku. 🙂

I managed to get a ride at the last minute. I was disappointed in the fact there is no Cosplay Idol this year. However the Jpop Dance was well attended.

I took far more video of voice actors part of the con and should have taken more pictures. I hope to get these pictures up this afternoon. I am working on a new segment for YouTube which will cover footage from several cons. More word on that later.

I spent a wonderful evening at what may be the closest you will get to a ramen stand in North America on Dundas Street before catching my ride back. Thanks to Rosanne and Andrew for the wonderful meal. I also got some heads up that anime section of Fan Expo will be beefed up with talk of some Japanese guests already signed but nothing official.

Dance in the Vampire Bund review

Shocking and also disturbing. A love story between an ageless queen of Vampires and a clan member of werewolves. However, will their love spell a new beginning relationship with each other and mankind… or the end? Find out what our members said about Dance in the Vampire Bund.