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Yes, I’m still trying to get through some 3 gigs of photos and videos taken fromone camera alone over a period of two days.  I’ll be posting pictures in batches of 50 though with 1380 pictures and videos, it’s going to take a while.

Thanks to all I met, those who helped. Special thanks to Maxy for a place to crash for Saturday night. Akui Ill-Intent for being too kind for looking after my gear as I collected pictures, Comic Market artists cards. Thanks to Steve Bennett and Ben Dunn for supporting Anime North for coming to Anime North all these years.

Now onto sorting through those pictures.


Anime London card 2010

Every year, I find some reason to tweak the card we hand out at conventions and this year is no exception.  Or should I say, tweet out. This year’s card not just promotes our twitter feed but also our fan page on Facebook.  We will be encouraging people to become fans or followers or even better both. Our goal is 1000 fans and 1000 followers so come join the social  revolution.I know you’ll LIKE it.

First View – Angel Beats!

Angel Beats! review

Angel Beats! Review

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi meets the After Life … with guns. Lots of guns. Funny yet serious. See what our members thought of Angel Beats!

It’s hard to believe it’s less than a week away to Anime North 2010 and I haven’t got anything done. Web pages need to be prepped. Equipment made ready. Batteries charged.

Place to stay? Well we’re working on that.

You can check out the funky CG background planned for AN on our front page. Also I’m hoping to make things easier by able to have photos up in record time … if not same day.

Plus the tradition of having a new card to hand out every year. While the front may not have changed the back will have some useful links to new things.

See you in 6 days.

First View – Hakuouki


Hakuouki reviewed

Based on PlayStation 2 game, a young girl risks everything to find her missing father. Instead she falls into a world of monsters and the men who fights these otherworldly creatures.  Se what our members thought of Hakuouki.

Star Wars Picnic

It was more than just the Ewoks that spoiled this picnic

Figures that two events I love to attend would be the same day. Podcamp London and London Rogues Star Wars Picnic ended up the same day in entirely separate sections of London.

Sadly the weather was rainly, cold and high winds. It was the latter that took down London Rogues beloved walker rather than the Ewoks.  There is talk to moving the event indoors next year but it was also good to hear that they plan to resurrect the walker by then. My pictures of my brief stay at the picnic are up in the general gallery section.

Podcamp London was indoors at Research Park at UWO. I missed some sessions while stopping by the Star Wars Picnic. Still it was a great event. Even if they don’t change anything next year, it will be still be awesome. Bill Deys and his crew as well as the sponsors and all the presenters made it wonderful. I only wished I could have stayed the entire day rather than run around.

Tucker and Taz (in costume)

I played ‘photographer’ to Taz of FM96’s Tucker and Taz early this morning. They were promoting the Star Wars Picnic this coming Saturday, May 8th. Taz was in a Bobo Fett costume trying to pick up a date for the picnic along Dundas street. It looks like taz will be going ‘Han Solo’ to the picnic. Come on, I thought that girls love a guy in an uniform. 😉

FCBD 2010 What a blast!

Outside Neo Tokyo just before it opened for FCBD

gallery of pictures from FCBD 2010

It rained … it thundered … it didn’t keep away the fans from getting plenty of free manga at Neo Tokyo for Free Comic Book Day.  The rain stopped but not the crowds as the lineup outside didn’t abate until some time after 2pm.

If you missed this event you missed all these books which you had a chance of picking one of.  I’ll post a review of the book I choosen but it might take a while. Boogiepop and Others is the original light novel which the anime, Boogiepop Phantom was  based.

So go through the photos while I curl up with a good book.