Star Wars Picnic

It was more than just the Ewoks that spoiled this picnic

Figures that two events I love to attend would be the same day. Podcamp London and London Rogues Star Wars Picnic ended up the same day in entirely separate sections of London.

Sadly the weather was rainly, cold and high winds. It was the latter that took down London Rogues beloved walker rather than the Ewoks.  There is talk to moving the event indoors next year but it was also good to hear that they plan to resurrect the walker by then. My pictures of my brief stay at the picnic are up in the general gallery section.

Podcamp London was indoors at Research Park at UWO. I missed some sessions while stopping by the Star Wars Picnic. Still it was a great event. Even if they don’t change anything next year, it will be still be awesome. Bill Deys and his crew as well as the sponsors and all the presenters made it wonderful. I only wished I could have stayed the entire day rather than run around.