It’s come to my attention that there has been several deaths in the manga community…

.. not people. Companies.

ADV manga is long since gone. Recently CMX and GoComi have closed doors and even websites. With that, the blame game has emerged. Scanlations are to blame they say.

F.. blame the economy. With so little jobs and jobs that anime fans use to take being taken by other people. There is simply no money for manga. Still the industry is in denial.

The can’t or won’t accept their dip in sales is anything that is out of their control or ‘in their control’ and their fault. We were buying like crazy but now we’re all thieves. CLUE IN … we’re broke.

To this end, OneManga has shut it’s doors. Being the gentlemen they are and not the scapegoats, they decided to give in the the blame game. It’s a shame that the industry couldn’t afford a vowel.

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