Ashlynn at March Toronto Anime Con 2010

With great sorrow, a friend posted this on Facebook.

To all cosplayers in the Ontario/Alberta community, today (August 8 ) we have lost a wonderful friend and cosplayer. Ashlynn Handy passed away earlier today, but she lives on in all of us.

The loss of one affects us all. I wished I could have made the meet up in Ashlynn’s honor in Toronto but wasn’t able. To Ashlynn’s family and friends, no sympathy can truly be deep enough to express our sorrow. I hope that each of you will work out the loss of Ashlyn in your own time and own way.

From all of us in London, our thoughts go out to you.

UPDATE: Since this post, Ashlynn’s friends are organizing to wear black armbands at upcoming Fan Expo as well as other meetups. Since SO many are looking for answers or simply trying to find out what is being done, Please go to the Facebook event page in her honor.

In Memory of Ashlynn Handy – Facebook