For the past two meetings one of our members has been bringing in his vintage game consoles. Retro gaming as it’s called. Amoung them, a functional Atari 2600 with many homebrew games and Sega Dreamcast.

I went to flea market to see what a used controller for Dreamcast would cost. I was surprised. When did this get popular …. again.

I dug through my closet of forgotten childhood and found a Sega Genesis I had rescued when another tenant tossed it. Plenty of old Atari controllers from my 8-bit computer days. Even an Atari trackball.

It seems as we move forward, we look back on what made our lives happy and want to re-live it. Maybe why retro gaming is back but then it was the cutting edge.

We’re still continuing with retro gaming during break time and after our shows for our Sunday meetings. It’s a question of what we can resurrect to have available.