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Artist Alley Directories

Since this year I couldn’t run the 4 Koma Project, I still felt like I had to do something for the artists this year.

So taking an idea from Ketto program book and friend sent me, I collect a bunch of the business cards from the Artists at Anime North and Fan Expo and created my own directory of artists.

I also fixed the error in the nav menu for the con reports so the link to the artist directories work.

I hope to be back on my feet and running the 4 Koma Porject next year.

4 KOMA project – the video

With the intent of creating a new format of videos for Youtube and Dailymotion, I’ve uploaded a new type of video for Anime London. The format includes segments for various segments found on this website like anime reviews, bento OTAKU and the 4 KOMA Project.

I created a sample video based on 4 koma, Beauty or Bi. The first try is a charm though expect that any more 4 KOMA strips set to video will follow this 1 minute format.

Click to watch on Youtube or Dailymotion.

This new video format will also have interviews with voice actors and cosplayers. We’ll be looking for people to help out with various segments.

Please comment on the new format.

NOTE: Video has been revised version to fix some errors in the video.

End of 4 Koma?

At Fan Expo I got only three 4 koma pages done by artists. It wasn’t that the artists weren’t willing. In fact, some comic book pros were wondering if I was going to include them. There were many past 4 Koma artists as well. I stuck mostly to those I hadn’t yet done a 4 koma with.

Avatar - Geneviene G. Tan

Does this mean an end of the 4 Koma Project?

Not likely, 4 Koma remains immensely popular with artists. It’s just that 4 Koma took up alot of time at cons to run. Unless I got to people early Friday or latest Saturday afternnoon, most artists were tied down with commissions. This left me scrambling Sunday to find even a few to finish the last panels.

On Sunday, I returned to my original challenge and asked artists to draw myself an Avatar. An avatar is the little icon graphic used in forums to identify a poster. I’ll post the results of ten artists ideals of what my avatar should be … later.

For now enjoy Fan Expo’s 4 komas.

Even though I didn’t get as many 4 komas done as last year, those that were done were wonderful. Okay some where a tad bit strange.

4koma - Ninja

I hope to continue with the 4 koma project but it’s onto processing over 1.2 gigs of pictures. Preliminary reports I sent via cell phone are posted as well.

Immortality on a Map

The following was from an email from a friend and artist of 4 Koma Project, Taral Wayne.

It seems I may possibly have named some significant features of Titan.

November last year, when a radar “photo” of large region of Titan known as Shangri-La was posted at JPL’s website, I recognized an amusing resemblance of some bright features to a map of Europe, and e-mailed JPL to suggest they name three of the features Great Britain, Gaul, and Hispania. Naturally I never heard back.

Great Britian and Gaul

To my surprise, today I found a recent detailed radar map of an area of Shangri-La around a crater like object called Shikoku Facula had been labelled Great Britain.

Great Britian

No explanation. Perhaps a coincidence, or then again maybe my suggestions stuck. Should it develop that the other features are ever referred to as Gaul and Hispania, I think I can be reasonably sure I’m responsible. And unless I boast about it, nobody will ever know. Tsk.

Stuck in Paradise

Well end of month was interesting as students were moving out in droves where I live. What it meant for me was some free furniture. Like a new futon and frame saved by the landlord for me. Also there was a new-to-me computer desk which has replaced the small desk I had my other computer. At least, room to have my scanner for pernament place and use.


Of course, nothing’s free. I had to help the landlord paint a freshly vacated apartment. That lead to getting the 4 komas up so late. With so many new artists chosing to draw at this event, it was hard to decide who’s panel best fit the show. I think’s Scott Mooney’s moment of indecision speak for itself.

Please visit the artist’s websites.

4 Komas of Fan Appreciation Event 2006

I’ve quickly got up the 4 komas done from yesterday’s Fan Appreciation Event (April 23rd, 2006). One of the surprise artists was long time contributor, Chris Rudderick. His line work has improved over the years as you can see in this piece from ‘Dragon.’

Dragon 3
The whole 4 koma took on a Python effect. You’ll have to check out the 4 koma to see how it ended. All who likes this 4 koma say ‘Ni!

Fan Appreciation Day 2006

I returned from this event and which was larger floor space and more people were in this year’s Artist Alley. Some had noticed that it was smaller attendance but there was a different make up to the crowd. I certainly notice parents bringing their kids. A positive sign at least. There was less of the anime, manga this time around though I did get some photos of a couple of cosplayers.

Last year, I set a record of four full 4 Komas (Japanese style 4 panel comic strip). This year I fell short of 3 with one strip being two panels short. I’m surprised at some of the pros wanting in on the 4 koma. The 4 Koma Project was intended to be an open challenge to keep young artists drawing. Maybe because it such an open format. It might be that I don’t dictate the content to the artists other than remind them that Anime London is viewed by all ages.

I will try to get these 4 komas up soon for your enjoyment.

4 koma – in the round

Where ever there is an Artist’s Alley, I’ve run some sort of challenge. Lately it has been an adaption of Japanese style comic strip of 4 panels (komas) aligned top to bottom. Recently at London Comic Jam which meets ever last Wednesday of the month at Rockwaters in Galleria Mall, I ran a different 4 koma.

I’m sure you get a kick out of London’s Famous People … Not! I plan to carry a few of these pages around as an alternative to traditional square page.

4 Koma – Nippon Challenge

I made a request to a friend in Japan to see if any artists there would like to join in the challenge. Instead I got my challenge back with 3 strips for artists here to follow up on. Since this is an ongoing challenge, keep checking back to see how these 4 komas progress.

Hallucination Myth Ronin
Ken Singshow
…originally posted in 4Koma April 5th, 2005