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4 Koma in Toronto

With a month left, I had some unused holidays to take. Where else better to take them than Toronto. Well and a bit of Markham and Pacific Mall. Also I manage to take in Toronto Comic Jam night as well. It was also the night that TAIS! I haven’t drawn for years. Not only did I mange to draw a panel for the jam but also participated in Ani-JAM with TAIS! Also I hope to soon bring some more 4 koma to the site as Japanese Artists join the 4 Koma Project with a challenge of their own.

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Sequential Art Festival

I attended Sequential Art Festival in Toronto Oct 3rd. Small gathering but stll good. I manage to meet members from Toronto Comic Jam as well as others. I handed a bunch of the 4 Koma posters to hand out at their next meeting as well as some blank sheets for them to try 4 Koma Project. The next Sequential Art Festival event is October 24th, noon to 6pm, at OISE, U of T, 252 BLoor St. W, 7th Floor Toronto.
The final event will be at Parkdale Project Read, Masaryk-Cowan Community Recreation Centre. 220 Cowan, Toronto, October 31st, Noon to 6pm. Check out for the latest details. (NOTE: URL no longer valid.)

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4 Koma Poster – CNA 2004

CN Anime was the first try at 4 koma project with some wonderful results. As result, I made up a limit number of a poster containing all of the strips drawn during this event.

4 Koma Poster 2004
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