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Artist Alley Directories

Since this year I couldn’t run the 4 Koma Project, I still felt like I had to do something for the artists this year.

So taking an idea from Ketto program book and friend sent me, I collect a bunch of the business cards from the Artists at Anime North and Fan Expo and created my own directory of artists.

I also fixed the error in the nav menu for the con reports so the link to the artist directories work.

I hope to be back on my feet and running the 4 Koma Porject next year.

One Week since AN

Well one week has passed since Anime North 2007. The preliminary reports have been up since I returned since I wrote those in my room but had not internet connection to upload them. The picture gallery is working this time with thumbnails being generated by the gallery program. It can be found here. So what’s the delay for the rest?

What is the delay was my friend’s wedding. Actually the past president’s wedding to be exact. I was taking video and was madly processing the tapes so his bride’s family could take copies back home. Considering I was spending to 5:30 in the morning trying to transfer tapes to a data DVD backup, I’m wiped.

Bright side it was wonderful weather for the wedding.

Now it’s onto making my own backups of the video already processed so I can free up space for more video. All I can say it will take time to go through four full tapes from Anime North.

Please stand by…

Anime North … Yatta!

It’s the night before Anime North… again. ome morning I will be headed there. I’ve charged all my batteries for my various devices including a laptop. With this I hope to be more connected than ever before. Better than I feel as I try to remember everything yet pack light.

It will be a time where I get to meet people I only see at cons like these. It will be busy as I try to juggle picture taking and video.  One Japanese TV show has asked me if they could use my footage of Yatta skits to show the influence of Yatta on North American culture. To that, I will be asking people’s oppinion on this Japanese skit and sending the footage.

I will also be doing limited video to save batteries. I will be asking ‘Tell me about your costume‘ as a possible segment for Youtube. With taping a friend’s wedding just a week after Anime North, I’m going to be busy, busy, busy.  As if I needed my life any more busy.

See ya at Anime North.

The Melancholy of Anime North

Every year it seems things change yet remain the same at the same time.

Only a week until Anime North and some habits die hard. Like getting a haircut, buying new shoes and socks for the con. Not that my old shoes with sides coming apart had anything to do with it. Just spending 3 days walking and walking and walking doesn’t appeal to me with poor footware.

Wash is done and those clothes I will want to take will make it into the suitcase tonight. No doubt I’ll have another wash but why dirty which I’ll use there.

I debate more media, aka more DV tapes and another SD flash card. With a friend’s wedding coming up, tapes are on the list. Tripod will be easier this year with shoulder strap I put on it. It gets put into the lugage as well. It becomes a problem of NOT trying to take alot of stuff because in the end I have to keep track of it all.

One casulity this year will be The 4 Koma Project as limited budget doesn’t include art. I will have 4 Koma sheets to hand out to some artists. Just it will be more automonious. Nor will I be spending alot at the dealer’s room. Unless it is exceptional kawaii or exceptional cheap, preferably both, I will be spending most just travel and accomendations. I do have one thing in mind to buy but I have not heard it exists. Worry not since I’ve already enquired at neoTokyo and he’s looking into it. (Of course, you have to ask me at Anime North what it is.)

The countdown to Anime North continues… and I’m feeling melancholy about it. No doubt these feeling will disappear once I’m there. See you all in seven days. 🙂