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It’s the end of the con as we know it…
It’s the end of the con as we know it…
It’s the end of the con as we know it…
…and I feel tired.

Anime North 2010 gallery

Another year has come and gone for Anime North. The last of the photo galleries are up though I still have Comic Market (formerly known as Artist Alley) biz cards to put up.  We now have 79 fans on Facebook but it seems we lost a couple of followers on twitter.  I hoping to have things wrapped up by weekend to get back to regular postings on both.

See you next year.

Yes, I’m still trying to get through some 3 gigs of photos and videos taken fromone camera alone over a period of two days.  I’ll be posting pictures in batches of 50 though with 1380 pictures and videos, it’s going to take a while.

Thanks to all I met, those who helped. Special thanks to Maxy for a place to crash for Saturday night. Akui Ill-Intent for being too kind for looking after my gear as I collected pictures, Comic Market artists cards. Thanks to Steve Bennett and Ben Dunn for supporting Anime North for coming to Anime North all these years.

Now onto sorting through those pictures.

Anime London card 2010

Every year, I find some reason to tweak the card we hand out at conventions and this year is no exception.  Or should I say, tweet out. This year’s card not just promotes our twitter feed but also our fan page on Facebook.  We will be encouraging people to become fans or followers or even better both. Our goal is 1000 fans and 1000 followers so come join the social  revolution.I know you’ll LIKE it.

It’s hard to believe it’s less than a week away to Anime North 2010 and I haven’t got anything done. Web pages need to be prepped. Equipment made ready. Batteries charged.

Place to stay? Well we’re working on that.

You can check out the funky CG background planned for AN on our front page. Also I’m hoping to make things easier by able to have photos up in record time … if not same day.

Plus the tradition of having a new card to hand out every year. While the front may not have changed the back will have some useful links to new things.

See you in 6 days.

Only one word can sum up AnimeNorth 2009 … Unbelieveable!

I shot as much pictures in one day as I have, in past, for an entire weekend of AnimeNorth. I could have shot more if only I had more memory cards for my camera. Wall to wall cosplayers.  Even a Japanese friend who visited here and now residing in Toronto was impressed with cosplayers at AnimeNorth.  He was even impressed with cosplay wrestling. Hard to believe that Canadians could out do Japan but we did.

AN also proved me wrong about the recession or simply it didn’t exist there.  Artist friends were reporting good sales.  When you have to get more stock because you sold out is good in any books.

I also went around the artist alley and collected cards to display on the website.  I had mixed response from retailers to the Manga List Project.

I manage to tape the masquerade this year.

I left for Toronto 3am Saturday and returned 3am Sunday. In 24 hours, I accomplished more than I usually do in a weekend. Everyone who knew me was overly supportive … but for now, I crash.

I’ll be going Saturday to AnimeNorth this year. Not that I wouldn’t love to be there just right now. I’m in the process of charging my batteries to my cameras and setup the web pages for this year’s con.

AnimeNorth 2009

As with March TAC, we’ve included twitter and flickr pages so people can comment and post their own pictures to be shown here. Tag for twitter is #an09 while flickr is just an09.

I hope to meet many Saturday and take in the masquerade and take video of it.

See ya there…

The Economy of One…

“The economy of one…
…affects the economy of many.”

This is one post I have put off many times writing but given these economic times, times are tough for everyone. For me, it has been a tough past year even without the current woes. Still it made me think about how much ‘my’ economy (or lack thereof) affected everyone else. I spend far less money at cons. Lately I’ve spent less time at cons due to lack of funds to stay for more than one day or not go at all. That is not all…

I suffered not from getting my cosplay fix or anime fix or whatever hot guest was there and I wasn’t. I suffered from losing contact with friends who I only get to see once a year because of these ‘events’ brought us together. Some, artists, I would support through challenges or buying something they made. Others like cosplayers who I’ve photographed in the past and were proud to show off their new creations.

My ‘lack of ‘ economy affected their economy. Only slightly but still it was an effect. Compound the effect of every kid’s economy who comes to these cons. These kids economy affected by their parent’s economy. And if the parent’s economy sucks … guess what going to suck worse.

This AnimeNorth (2009), I will be there in limited effect, both economic and coverage. After last year’s no show due to medical reasons which I won’t share here, it will be great to be back at AN. Just a bummer that it won’t be like past years where I could afford going 3 days. Even if I can’t spend a lot or even a little, I hope everyone can help the economy of someone else this year.

BTW, if you use Twitter use the hashtag #an09 and use the tag an09 for flikr, photbucket, youtube. I’m working on pages which will show content on this website using those tags.

Hope to see some of you in couple of days.

Countdown to Anime North

The countdown to Anime North continues as I went out and purchased another SD flash card and box of miniDV tapes. I have 4 blanks but with a friend’s wedding a week after Anime North and myself doing video taping of the event; I doubt if 4 is enough.

With that, I found my hard drive full of stuff. With each miniDV tape taking up 13 gigs of hard drive space, I don’t think 9 gigs of free space will suffice. I’m in a major backup mode at this moment. I’m varifying by copying the files on DVDr onto another drive after burning then doing a thumbnail view. I don’t have time to go through every file.

The pages for Anime North have been done prior to March and I will review them before the con to see if all is well. Hopefully the thumbnailing for the gallery will work this time without having to manually do them as the case for Spring (March) Toronto Anime Con.

I’ve yet to print up this year’s cards for convention season. This year’s will have the new 2.0 sections of the site but then I haven’t even update the fornt page for the site. I’m just getting slower or is it taking on too much? TIme will tell.

After long last…

I finally come up with satisfactory way of posting Anime London videos of the Anime North Masquerade on our own site. There still maybe some errors and some of the jpgs may not transfer due system loads on YouTube but they’re finally up and looking good.

Anime North 2006 Masquerade Videos

At least it gives folks something to see until I get Fan Expo photos and videos up. 🙂

You think after condensing 740 pictures, videos, sound clips totally 1.21 gigs down to merely 31.7 megs, I be done with posting stuff from Anime North. No! I still have over 2 hours of the actual masquerade on miniDV tape left to encode. With nearly 99 acts that evening alone, it isn’t going to be an easy task. STill it something for you all to keep coming back to check. I might have to post the clips in sections.

Masquerade Report

Click the picture for last section of digital camera pictures befor ethe onslaught of video begins…. Bwah. Ha Ha.