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What couldn’t be cooler than these two anime fans? How about tattoos… anime related tattoos.

Tip of the hat to anyone who can read the inscription. This Dragon Ball Z couple certainly took the show even though they weren’t in the masquerade. I enjoyed Anime Shogatsu at the old Michener Institute of Education.  The very place where Anime North first started but it felt crowded by midday.  Not exactly setup for conventions, it is an ideal starting point for a small con. Happy Japanese New Years folks.

It was an awesome day for Free Comic Book Day. Sunny, no rain like last year. Even a costume contest at the Central Library. Even still, everybody loves a chocobo. =)

Check out the gallery here or on facebook.

March Toronto Anime Con 2011

MTAC Galleries are UP!

Another year, another set of galleries of photos.  With entertainment in the halls, 6 guests, the usual suspects and cosplayers; it was a fun time.  It was great to be in Toronto again.  I finally found Williams Fresh Cafe in Toronto and catched some free wifi before heading back. With the prospect of some more anime guests for next month’s Comic Con that will be free. Well almost free if it wasn’t for the bus fare costing just short of $75.

See you next event….

As always it’s not until the last minute that I finalize my plans to go to MTAC this year.  It’s a time to meeet new fans and old friends.  Unfortunely the plan to meetup with friends afterward is moot due circumstances.  Still the pages are prepped waiting for photos to be uploaded. I’ve got more than my quota of cards to hand out. Still charging batteries and making sure my SD cards are clear.

Hope to see you there.

London Zombie Walk 2010

I must admit this year’s turnout for London Zombie Walk was huge.  Even Elvis showed up … undead but still playing.  Be sure to check out their website and plan for next year.

Ashlynn Handy 1989-2010

Ashlynn at March Toronto Anime Con 2010

With great sorrow, a friend posted this on Facebook.

To all cosplayers in the Ontario/Alberta community, today (August 8 ) we have lost a wonderful friend and cosplayer. Ashlynn Handy passed away earlier today, but she lives on in all of us.

The loss of one affects us all. I wished I could have made the meet up in Ashlynn’s honor in Toronto but wasn’t able. To Ashlynn’s family and friends, no sympathy can truly be deep enough to express our sorrow. I hope that each of you will work out the loss of Ashlyn in your own time and own way.

From all of us in London, our thoughts go out to you.

UPDATE: Since this post, Ashlynn’s friends are organizing to wear black armbands at upcoming Fan Expo as well as other meetups. Since SO many are looking for answers or simply trying to find out what is being done, Please go to the Facebook event page in her honor.

In Memory of Ashlynn Handy – Facebook

Con Bravo logo

Canada’s newest anime con, Con Bravo is ready to roll in little over a week in Oakville. Forget G20, this is the event to be at. 😉

It’s the end of the con as we know it…
It’s the end of the con as we know it…
It’s the end of the con as we know it…
…and I feel tired.

Anime North 2010 gallery

Another year has come and gone for Anime North. The last of the photo galleries are up though I still have Comic Market (formerly known as Artist Alley) biz cards to put up.  We now have 79 fans on Facebook but it seems we lost a couple of followers on twitter.  I hoping to have things wrapped up by weekend to get back to regular postings on both.

See you next year.

Star Wars Picnic

It was more than just the Ewoks that spoiled this picnic

Figures that two events I love to attend would be the same day. Podcamp London and London Rogues Star Wars Picnic ended up the same day in entirely separate sections of London.

Sadly the weather was rainly, cold and high winds. It was the latter that took down London Rogues beloved walker rather than the Ewoks.  There is talk to moving the event indoors next year but it was also good to hear that they plan to resurrect the walker by then. My pictures of my brief stay at the picnic are up in the general gallery section.

Podcamp London was indoors at Research Park at UWO. I missed some sessions while stopping by the Star Wars Picnic. Still it was a great event. Even if they don’t change anything next year, it will be still be awesome. Bill Deys and his crew as well as the sponsors and all the presenters made it wonderful. I only wished I could have stayed the entire day rather than run around.

Tucker and Taz (in costume)

I played ‘photographer’ to Taz of FM96’s Tucker and Taz early this morning. They were promoting the Star Wars Picnic this coming Saturday, May 8th. Taz was in a Bobo Fett costume trying to pick up a date for the picnic along Dundas street. It looks like taz will be going ‘Han Solo’ to the picnic. Come on, I thought that girls love a guy in an uniform. 😉